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tourist bus on road in Mexico

IRU expands its membership in Mexico within the passenger transport sector

23 Mar 2017

CANAPAT is a non-profit-making association established in Mexico in 1989. Its membership comprises nearly 600 companies involved in the transport of passengers by road for a total fleet of over 52,000 vehicles. It operates 38 training centres as well as bus stations and terminals.

Its mission is to boost the development of the industry and provide its members with services of the highest quality to allow them to improve their daily operations for the benefit of the industry, the users and society as a whole. It offers an effective interface with authorities and organisations and is recognised as a professional, innovative and efficient body dedicated to integration, professionalisation and training.

To achieve its goals CANAPAT has created 16 Commissions, composed of representatives from amongst its membership who are experts in a particular field of interest to the sector including motorways and tolls, free trade agreements and international transport, training, road safety, airport services, and tourism.