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trucks in a queue
France | Brussels

IRU is concerned about continued roadblocks in France

27 Nov 2018

IRU calls a halt to the increasingly worrying situation of roadblocks in France which is hampering the free movement of goods by road. 

The so-called “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) protesters continue to block roads and industrial centres causing freight delivery delays and distress for drivers. Waiting times and unnecessary detours will eventually translate into contractual penalties and, thus, additional costs for transport operators.

IRU is monitoring the situation and is in touch with the competent European authorities to ensure the necessary guarantees are provided for the free movement of goods by road in France. The temporary measures relaxing the driving and rest time rules, introduced by the French Government, are welcome but are insufficient.

Matthias Maedge, who leads IRU’s work in the EU, said: “The free movement of goods is a fundamental EU right, guaranteed by EU legislation – and France is an important transit country. The current situation is a huge problem because thousands of trucks are currently stuck in France – so solutions must be sought urgently through dialogue.”