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EU road rules fail to bring clarity and simplicity on key elements

31 May 2017

IRU welcomes the release of the long-awaited European Commission proposals for commercial road transport, which contain many positive elements. The proposals, however, fail to bring the necessary clarity and simplicity to the rules governing the EU road freight transport market.

IRU welcomes the introduction of some pragmatic solutions to specific problems:

  • Strengthening of rules of establishment, making it harder for letterbox companies to operate
  • Enhanced cooperation between Member States on enforcement issues
  • Risk-rating data sharing mandated between Member States
  • Clarification of breaks for double crewed vehicles and rest  periods taken on board a train or boat
  • Flexibility of the driving & rest time rules to allow drivers to ‘reach home’
  • Working Time Directive reporting required by Member States
  • Facilitate measures on European Electronic Tolling System

The Mobility Package, however, regrettably fails to bring the much-needed clarity and simplification to the rules governing the EU road freight transport market and is thus a missed opportunity. For example, the new rules on cabotage could result in yet more differences in interpretation by Member States. It remains to be seen what economic impact the Posting of Workers rules will have on transport businesses.

Matthias Maedge, who leads IRUs work in the EU said, In light of the current deficiencies of the Mobility Package as drafted, I very much look forward to a constructive discussion with the European Parliament, European Council and social partners, including the trade unions. IRU will continue to be an honest broker in the ongoing discussions on behalf of thousands of transport operators in the EU. The real hard work on creating workable new rules that bring clarity and simplicity starts now.


Media Briefing on the Mobility Package