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Commercial road transport holds key to low carbon future

24 Mar 2017


An IRU presentation to the European Parliament put the focus on commercial road transport – significantly bus, coach and taxi services – as the cornerstones for a greener, collective mobility ecosystem that will underpin European economic prosperity.

IRU outlined its position on achieving a low carbon, more sustainable commercial road transport sector in Europe at the European Parliament hearing on ‘A European Strategy for Low Emission Mobility’.

With commercial road transport emissions falling and with private vehicles making up the majority of carbon emissions growth, the need to differentiate between private and commercial road transport is essential to achieving decarbonisation.

Matthias Maedge, who leads IRU’s work in the EU, highlighted that bus and coach transport, as well as green taxis, are a fundamental part of the solution to the carbon emissions challenge. He also proposed that the full lifecycle of vehicles should be considered rather than focusing on tailpipe or even 'well to wheel' emissions. 

Matthias Maedge emphasised the need for operators to be profitable, receive a viable return on the substantial investments they make in newer, greener fleets, as well as the need for a predictable business environment.