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Bay of bengal road
South & Southeast Asia | New Delhi

Bay of Bengal transport sectors back TIR

28 May 2018

The principal India-based trade and development organisation, CUTS International, staged a two day Regional Policy Dialogue in New Delhi, launching a report on Connectivity Imperatives, which gathered consensus from public and private sector representatives across the region to put the spotlight on TIR.

Representing government, the private sector, multi-lateral agencies, academia, think-tanks and media from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) and Myanmar, the report offers insights into emerging strategic and geopolitical issues impacting connectivity in the Bay of Bengal region.

TIR was discussed at the event and the report concluded that the global customs transit system provides “higher security to cargo vehicles” and creates “a unified regional market access to other TIR members like China and Central Asian countries.”

With India a signatory to the Convention, CUTS urges other countries in the region to join.