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Ukraine’s truck stop stories

Kiev > Bucharest

Ukraine’s truck stop stories

4 Jun 2018 Kiev > Bucharest

by David Couliau

Time to rest

In Kiev, amidst the impressive buildings, I came to the training centre of ASMAP, the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine.

The drivers’ classroom is packed with men between the ages of 30 and 45 who tell me about their lives on the road. The greatest challenges they face are when their trucks are not actually moving – for example during rest times. There is a real lack of parking areas with good facilities like showers and restaurants. Some of the areas don’t even have toilets.

Safe and secure?

The concern about parking areas can also be felt at RAPID. With its own gas station and certified repair centres, it is visibly one of the country’s biggest transport companies. For their very welcoming young drivers, like Serhiy and Vadim, their biggest fear is having their cargo stolen when parked at unsecure rest areas.

But the modern rest area built by ASMAP, in the suburbs of Kiev, is a good example of their dream coming true. It meets all IRU recommendations for drivers’ comfort and safety. It’s the perfect place for them to rest overnight, eat and shower, in a clean and protected environment.

Safe and secure parking is an important issue for drivers across Europe and plays a big part in allowing the industry to thrive. It would really mean a lot to Ukrainian drivers – and to the economies supported by the transport industry – if there were more facilities like this one.

Matthias Maedge

« IRU and its partners are currently joining forces to develop a universal standard for safer, more secure and comfortable conditions for drivers. To raise awareness, I spent the night in a truck last month at one of the better parking facilities. I had access to all the conditions needed to start the day properly. This experience should not be a luxury for truck drivers but should be the norm – both in Europe and beyond. What we now need is a joint effort from the public and private sectors to develop more safe and secure parking areas that comply with well-defined standards. »

Matthias Maedge, General Delegate, IRU

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Kiev > Bucharest