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Safe and sound in Jordan

Amman > Dubai

Safe and sound in Jordan

15 Oct 2018 Amman > Dubai

by David Couliau

Safety first and water shortage

A royal dedication to safety

With numerous swimming pools and squash courts, the Royal Automobile Club of Jordan is the ideal place for some lighthearted fun but, if you look a bit closer, all of its pathways are covered with serious messages about road safety.

Huda, the General Manager of the RACJ, has made it her business to ensure that everything in the club contributes to increasing Jordan’s road safety. The club’s car track houses a driving school for truck and car drivers, and the school's building also includes an academy to train professional drivers. 

Facing road crises

Safety is more crucial than ever since the whole country is facing several crises that have a strong impact on its roads. Because of the dire water shortage, people only have access to tap water once a week, which means water must be delivered to people’s homes by other means. The blue tank trucks that continuously deliver water directly to every home make the city’s traffic more intense. Jordanians also take pride in welcoming millions of Syrian refugees, about a third of the population, but this means stepping up transport to make sure the camps receive the proper care they need, whether it be food or medication. 

Safely delivering goods in Jordan is more essential than ever and Jordanians are facing these challenges with great courage.

Jean Todt

« Road safety is a global issue, requiring a global effort. With activities in over 100 countries and its wide-reaching network, IRU can play a crucial role in helping us achieve our shared goals for safer roads. »

Jean Todt, United Nations Special Envoy for Road Safety and President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

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