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Dubai’s road oasis

Dubai’s road oasis

Dubai’s road oasis

29 Oct 2018 Dubai > Muscat

by David Couliau

Happy drivers

All around Dubai, road conditions could be hellish, with a burning hot, never-ending desert and yellow sand dunes as far as the eye can see. But their transport system is actually one of the best in the world. 

Many truck drivers come from India and Pakistan where traffic is hectic, to say the least. They usually emigrate here to make more money, but the excellent road infrastructure and high safety standards also make driving much less exhausting than back home. The safe and comfortable rest areas in Dubai also have some Indian and Pakistani restaurants so they can have a little taste of home. 

An ideal terminal

The biggest terminal of the region, Jebel Ali, is like an anthill. Home to more than 6,000 companies and containers coming in and out by road, boat, plane or train, it’s the picture perfect example of multi-modal logistics.

With a road industry as sunny as its weather, Dubai is as close as one can get to a road lover’s paradise.

Umberto de Pretto

« TIR’s capacity to facilitate trade along critical corridors, linking South Asia and China to the Middle East, is particularly relevant – we are excited to work with our partners in the UAE to ensure the launch of TIR operations, so that trade prospects can begin to grow. »

Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General

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Dubai > Muscat