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Travelling the rugged route to Iran

Tabriz > Istanbul

Travelling the rugged route to Iran

1 Oct 2018 Tabriz > Istanbul

by David Couliau

Opening the door

When one goes from Tabriz to Bazargan to see one of Iran’s main border points, the country seems closed because this route passes between huge mountains. 

The difficulty of reaching Turkey is also obvious when one sees the long line of trucks snaking all along the winding road that is supposed to take them there. But Iran’s political and natural barriers are countered by its forward-looking transport and logistics landscape. Bazargan’s customs officers are truly enthusiastic about the TIR system and are eager to show how it makes their daily work easier.

On the Iranian e-border

The customs process is also considerably faster these days thanks to the help of the new digital TIR procedures. Iran is fully embracing this cutting edge technology, and this digital route to a more open relationship with the world seems unstoppable. TIR is really connecting Iran into the international network. 

Despite a challenging geopolitical context, Iran is most definitely back on the road to prosperity. 

Boris Blanche, IRU Managing Director

« We are enthusiastic that the momentum for the adoption of digitalised transport tools is growing fast and this latest development will encourage other countries to follow suit. »

Boris Blanche, IRU Managing Director

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Tabriz > Istanbul