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Pakistan’s pathway to prosperity

Karachi > Tabriz

Pakistan’s pathway to prosperity

24 Sep 2018 Karachi > Tabriz

by David Couliau

Intense colors and growth 

The streets of Karachi are a real feast for the eyes. Whether small delivery trucks or buses, so many vehicles are covered with amazing paintings, either made by the proud drivers themselves or by artists specialised in this kind of art. 

The intense colours of these rolling masterpieces is only matched by Pakistan’s intense transport growth. 

The brand new Pakistan International Container terminal at Karachi Port is still under construction but is already extremely busy with trucks coming and going non-stop. Everything is also in place to kick-start multi-modal transport so that ships can quickly deliver containers for trains. 

The TIR effect

Tariq from the Pakistan National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (PNC-ICC) believes his country’s key location in the region will be beneficial for the entire area because Pakistan is one of the main pathways to reach the many landlocked “stan” countries up north, like Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 

According to Tariq, Pakistan’s infrastructure and digital processes are perfect for the TIR system. Now that it’s adopted, prosperity is bound to skyrocket. 

The potential for growth ahead is as gigantic as everything else about Pakistan, from its population to its history, and Tariq’s homeland is doing everything in its power to make it happen. 

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General

« The inclusion of Pakistan into the global TIR family is a highly significant moment for unlocking regional trade potential – but also underlines how the newest countries to join the TIR network are taking full advantage of the system’s digital capabilities at the outset. »

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General

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Karachi > Tabriz