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Meet Poland’s future

Warsaw to Kiev

Meet Poland’s future

9 May 2018 Warsaw > Kiev

by David Couliau

Hands-on learning

Two hours from Warsaw, in Gostinyn city, a school that trains Poland’s next generation road lovers was welcoming visitors to its open house. 

The school’s director, Wojciech Kiełbasa was very proud to show his entire establishment from top to bottom, from its technical facilities to its exam centre. 
To make sure the students get real experience with a real company, he has partnered with a large local transporter, Izolbet. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved since Poland is facing a driver shortage and being so close to a training centre makes it easier for the company to recruit new drivers.

Patrick Philipp, Associate Director IRU Academy

« Road transport needs skilled and motivated personnel working at full capacity, reaching the highest possible standards. The cost of training drivers can be recouped by fewer crashes and fines, lower fuel consumption and less vehicle maintenance. »

Patrick Philipp, Associate Director IRU Academy

The driving bug

“We were born with a steering wheel in our hands”. The students are only 15 to 16 years old but are incredibly passionate about the career they are entering.
For many of them, who are sons of truck drivers, this love of the road has naturally been passed on from generation to generation. Their fathers gave them the road bug by telling them their stories of escape and discovery.
But one students’ motivation is truly impressive. Damian Cimosz, in his second year who is at the top of his class, dared to defy his parents to be true to his passion and decided to join the school against their advice.

It’s inspiring and comforting to meet so many young people who already know at such an early age that their life’s passion is the road.

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Warsaw to Kiev