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India’s booming roads

Mumbai > Karachi

India’s booming roads

17 Sep 2018 Mumbai > Karachi

by David Couliau

Bustling streets

Just spend a few minutes in Mumbai’s streets and you’ll understand why India’s transport industry is growing at a relentless rate. 

Drivers honk non-stop for no apparent reason and road signs are often ignored. The traffic is so intense and hectic here that larger trucks are forbidden to enter the city. They have to unload in giant warehouses on the outskirts. From there, smaller trucks slip inside to make the final deliveries. 

Wide open borders

India’s growth potential is as enormous as its territory and it wants to open it up to the whole world. It has just adopted the TIR Convention this past June to make international trade smoother. 

With its dynamic and young population, the future of transport in India can only be jaw-dropping.

Kazem Asayesh

« The implementation of the TIR system in India and its neighbouring countries will promote the standardisation of documents and procedures across the whole region, facilitating transport, transit and trade. This would immediately unblock some key barriers to growth and lead to regional integration. »

Kazem Asayesh, Senior Adviser on TIR and Trade Facilitation

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