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Theresa-Jasmin Meyering

Bus and Coach Operator
IRU Member

Breath of fresh air: embracing innovation and incorporating new technologies

As the daughter of bus operators, I grew up in the business. In the form of an “internship at the breakfast table”, so to speak.

I have now been working at Meyering Verkehrsbetriebe for over six years. 
With the many different possibilities and ways to shape the work and company, I love my job. 

I believe that a young leadership demonstrates that a company has a future with many opportunities ahead. 

Meyering Verkehrsbetriebe is a company with decades of tradition (est. 1930), we always try to incorporate innovations and new developments into our work processes.

On the one hand, we are gradually converting our fleet to electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. 

On the other hand, we have upgraded our main site to be as water and energy efficient as possible. For example, we wash our buses with treated water and collect and reuse rainwater.

To keep our staff up to date with the latest safety regulations and technology, our drivers are regularly trained in innovation, road safety, and occupational health and safety. 

Due to increasing digitalisation, our younger, digital-native team members support our more experienced employees in the use of new technologies. We want to make the profession more attractive and try to bring a breath of fresh air to the transport industry.


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