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Biljana Mićić

Master of Logistics
IRU Member

Bosnia going green for a more prosperous future 

In addition to striving for business development and further expansion, I focus on projects which help to protect the environment. I look to compensate for the negative effects of our business on the environment. 

Given that electricity may be produced from renewable sources and significantly reduce CO2 emissions, I am working on a construction project for a dry port in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I am currently developing an internal strategy and waiting for the right moment (both in organisational and legal terms) to expand our fleet with electric vehicles. I am also actively supporting the construction of a wind farm and solar power plants in Bosnia.

Therefore, I became a member of the working group for the introduction of environmental, social and governance standards in Bosnia (Foreign Investors Council Bosnia and Herzegovina). 

I am also a member of the Association of International Freight Forwarders (Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Council for Women's Entrepreneurship (Republic of Srpska Chamber of Commerce), and the Chamber of Engineers (Bosnia and Herzegovina). 

Through these projects and activities, I am trying to increase our sector’s environmental awareness. I hope to pave a path that leads to a healthier and more prosperous future. 


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