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Audrey Maury

Director / Driver
IRU Member

Road transport and recycling: a match made in heaven

I run a family road transport business for construction sites as well as a building material recycling firm.

Our daily challenge is to optimise our routes to avoid empty trips while keeping our customers happy.

We have also invested in a real-time geolocation programme for our vehicles to optimise our journeys and track deliveries.

Our drivers are continuously receiving training from ASTAG, the Swiss road transport association. We’ve made it a point of pride to focus on courses dedicated to safety, eco-driving, responsible driving and respecting other road users.

We have also fitted most of our vehicles with driving aids to make roads safer, for both drivers and other road users.

Thanks to our building material recycling firm, we can manage the waste of most of the products we transport in-house, allowing us to minimise our environmental impact.


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