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How IRU RoadMasters can help you ensure safety in your hydrocarbon supply chain

How IRU RoadMasters can help you ensure safety in your hydrocarbon supply chain

Even if it is your own fleet or your subcontractors, ensure your hydrocarbon transports are safe and efficient. Reduce the risk of a serious accident and implement a rapid and effective management process for any incident involving hydrocarbon materials.

Introduce a programme in your transport value chain that covers the hydrocarbon transporting process all the way from preparing the drive and the vehicle, warehouse practices and loading procedures, to safe driving and offloading the hydrocarbon cargo at destination.

With an efficient and reliable training and assessment, ensure compliance with the highest standards.

An HC Truck Driver is able to…

  • Identify key hazards related to hydrocarbon goods
  • Load and offload hydrocarbon material safely and efficiently
  • Assess risk and consequences when transporting hydrocarbon material
  • Use safety equipment to minimise any risks to self and others
  • Manage incidents involving hydrocarbon products

What do you get?

The programme uses a blended methodology for maximal learning. The interactive programme includes immersive learning and simulations and practical exercises that cover a large array of safety procedures and best practices, such as safety assessments and vehicle checks. It also includes practicing of safe driving, loading and unloading and firefighting.

We provide you:

  • Interactive material with 12 movies and simulations.
  • Extensive material fit for market needs.
  • International best practices checklists.
  • Driver handout with key elements to remember
  • Practical exercises on: vehicles safety checks, hydrocarbon loading and unloading procedures, handling spills, firefighting 

For each participant, our system generates an individual test report detailing his performance in each skill area. You can issue certificates to successful participants, which you can verify at your premises or at check points. 

The theory part of the assessment measures knowledge assimilated. In addition, a situational awareness test can also be included consisting of hazard spotting and identification of risky situations.

The theory test is combined with a practical assessment during which drivers are asked to demonstrate their skills and compliance with practical procedures and ability to deal with pre-defined situations at the loading bay and with key vehicle components. To ensure efficient resource use, the practical assessment can also be delivered with the support of simulation and mobile technologies.

Structure of the HC Truck Driver programme

  • 2-day programme for experienced drivers
  • 5-day programme for novice drivers
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • 1-day periodic qualification programme with assessment at the end

How to get started

Accreditation is the process by which a customer gets authorised to deliver the IRU RoadMasters Assessment. It guarantees that the customer complies with both assessment capacity requirements and assessment delivery requirements.

Key requirements include:

  • following a train-the-assessor programme to ensure the proficiency of the staff delivering the training and assessment
  • following specifications when setting up simulators and test areas for the practical assessment section 

The accreditation procedure follows these steps:

  1. 1. Assessment content validation
  2. 2. On-site capacitation workshop
  3. 3. Pilot training and assessment 

After accreditation, the customer is fully proficient in programme delivery, allowing him to roll out IRU Hydrocarbon RoadMasters independently across the company and supply chain.

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