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IRU RoadMasters Certification and standards hydrocarbur passenger drivers

IRU RoadMasters

How can certification take you further?

IRU RoadMasters champions excellence in road transport through international certification standards that create a real competitive advantage.

85% of accidents involving commercial vehicles are caused by human error. Skillful drivers are therefore key for any transport company. Their expertise in operating vehicles safely and providing impeccable service leads to customer satisfaction and trust.

The benefits of RoadMasters for your organisation 

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of your drivers: assess drivers at different stages of their career to identify skill gaps, measure progress and reward the best.
  • Gain customer trust: demonstrate to your customers that your drivers are true professionals, whose competence is validated by a trusted external international certification body.
  • Attract and retain drivers: good drivers want to excel, and they know that they will have the opportunity to do so within your company.

The power of driver assessment

A key component of RoadMasters is driver assessment. Measuring the competence of your drivers will provide you with a clear competitive advantage and reap benefits such as:

  1. 1. Sending drivers a clear message regarding the company’s expectations
  2. 2. Instilling a continuous improvement culture
  3. 3. Providing early warning of high-risk drivers
  4. 4. Identifying areas of improvement in the training process
  5. 5. Optimising training by determining individual training needs
  6. 6. Limiting liability in the case of an incident

Why assess drivers if I monitor their performance?

Driver assessment complements performance tracking in 2 ways:

  • It provides far more detailed information on a driver’s skill gaps
  • It allows the possibility of reasonably predicting the future performance of new hires, for whom monitoring data is not available

Why not just provide training and pass assessment?

Driver assessment, combined with performance monitoring is the only way to make sure your training efforts are actually paying off. It is also the way to ensure your drivers are trained in the right topics. 

In addition, IRU certification has a positive effect on the motivation to learn.

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