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SuM4All and the Global Mobility Report

Global action on sustainable transport goals

Building on the momentum of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which address the world’s development agenda until 2030 with targets on transport-related goals such as road safety, urban mobility, rural access, and climate change, the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) initiative has emerged.

SuM4All is a multi-stakeholder partnership that speaks with one voice and acts collectively to help transform the transport sector. IRU has joined partners including multilateral developments banks, United Nations Agencies, Programs, and Regional Commissions, bilateral donor organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), global civil society organisations and academic institutions to work together to transform the transport sector through action, advocacy and financing.

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Re-shaping the global mobility agenda through advocacy

A key goal is the creation of a Global Tracking Framework (GTF) that will comprise an indicator framework to facilitate the monitoring and measurement of progress in meeting the transport-related SDG targets. This has led to the launch of the Global Mobility Report (GMR), which is the first ever assessment of all modes of transport across the globe.

The Global Mobility Report proposes a framework for tracking transport’s progress towards sustainable mobility, providing the transport sector with a tool for better policy and investment decisions.

IRU is a member of the SuM4All Efficiency Working Group and has made technical contributions to the drafting of the GMR chapters on Efficiency and Universal Access.

Highlighting the relationship between trade and cross-border connectivity with economic prosperity and sustainability, IRU has proposed transport services and tools, such as TIR and e-CMR, as indicators, which will continue to be developed in the next stage of the SuM4All initiative.