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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information hub

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information hub

COVID-19 has severely impacted people and business all over the world and IRU is continuing to monitor the situation and post regular updates.

Road transport services have been crucial in responding to the crisis, but many are now struggling to survive. Latest IRU research shows that: 

  • Government financial packages are failing road transport: the sector will collapse without targeted action
  • Road transport losses – goods and passenger – are now set to exceed USD 1 trillion globally in 2020 
  • The very high default and insolvency risk identified in the sector will lead to mass bankruptcies


COVID-19 Coronavirus global and regional insolvency indicators


The global road transport industry works with international financial institutions, international organisation and governments and the road transport industry on the:

  • Coordination of COVID-19 responses at global and cross-border level 
  • Deployment of targeted financial support measures 
  • Use of the digital tools that already exist including eTIR and e-CMR

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