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Roberto Garcia Meizoso

Manager and Academic Researcher
IRU Member

Fuelling firefighting aircraft in the Iberian Peninsula

Transporting hydrocarbons is already complex, doing it in emergency situations is even more complicated, not only logistically, but emotionally as well.

Our company supplies, among other things, fuel to firefighting and rescue aircraft throughout the Iberian Peninsula. 

In recent years, we have experienced complex situations that have allowed us to grow as an organisation, and for me to further commit to transport.

Thanks to these experiences, in which I include driving trucks myself, we have been able to implement a logistics development that – based on multi-delivery consumption forecasting and the Internet of Things – has reduced our response times, avoided stock breaks, and improved overall profitability.

In line with our work, I am currently researching how we can improve fuel logistics in emergencies as part of my PhD in industrial engineering.

But as soon as I manage to have any free time, I escape to my passion: driving trucks.


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