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Gerardo R. Flores


The bigger picture: My purpose is to connect people

I’m a third-generation trucking businessman. I was introduced to the logistics industry at the age of eight. We have more than 65 years of knowledge participating in and shaping Mexico's roads and truck operators.

Even though I’m based in a developing country, Mexico, we have access to information from around the world thanks to globalisation.

I investigate, learn and focus on the latest developments in other countries and apply them to my company. 

This helps elevate the standards of logistics in my country and make our roads safer. Being in a vanguard position is a must for us. This is also made possible by strategic alliances with clients and suppliers, one of our founding principles.

My purpose is to connect people. Throughout the years, I have noticed that there are many people in the industry who want to have a meaningful and positive impact on their surroundings.

I want to take advantage of my position and help them shape ideas for our continuously evolving industry.

We are currently working on institutionalising and professionalising our company. A few months ago, we achieved the Sustainable Development Goals’ adhesion programme. A limited number of companies in Mexico are aware of this global goal.

We might be a medium-sized company, but we have a clear vision for the future and the contribution we are making. 

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