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Lisa Black

Staff Safety Specialist, Operational Safety Assurance
IRU Member

Zero distractions: elevating road transport safety with technology 

Since joining the trucking industry 20 years ago, I have championed using technology to improve safety.

Throughout my career, I have led efforts to implement a wide range of passive and active safety technologies with varying degrees of complexity.

Examples include video-based safety programmes to help drivers understand risky behaviours and correct them, thermal imaging defect detection systems for tractors and trailers so fleets could preventatively repair tyre and brake defects, and advanced driving assistance systems to help drivers with lane keeping, following distances and braking.

I have always looked for the next great technology to make our roads safer, and I found it in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Through our work on autonomous semi-trucks and passenger vehicles, we are taking safety to the next level with technology that is aware of its surroundings at all times, doesn’t get tired or distracted, and never speeds.

It is truly exciting to work with a team focused on one common goal – making the roads safer for everyone.


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