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Ilary Ranalli

Head of Decarbonisation Portfolio

Greening logistics: from the UN to the private sector

I am a passionate sustainability specialist with 12 years of experience in environmental management, renewables, sustainable supply chains, circularity, diversity and inclusion, and innovation. 

I always enjoy new challenges and expanding my expertise by applying sustainability to new areas of work. So, after working in communication, auditing, facilities management, carbon accounting and procurement…it was time for me to work in logistics!

I joined DFDS in May 2022. After a decade working on sustainability at the United Nations, I was interested in re-joining the “dark forces” of the private sector, where change can really happen. 

Transport has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector. It accounted for 37% of the end-use sector’s CO2 emissions in 2021. I find it exciting to operationalise alternative solutions that can help our customers reduce their Scope 3 emissions and achieve net-zero supply chains.

I am currently managing the deployment of 125 electric trucks – the biggest electric fleet when the order was placed – in key DFDS markets. Despite being a completely new business model with multiple operational challenges, the deployment has been very successful so far.

Going forward, I hope that we will be able to reduce the cost of new fuels. 

This will require commitment and action from everyone, from policymakers to infrastructure partners and the transport industry. 

But the outcome could be revolutionary and truly help our economy transition towards long-term decarbonisation.

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