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Georgia Ayfantopoulou

Research Director

Maximising innovation, collaboration and sustainability through research

In the years to come, innovation will make road transport more sustainable, intelligent, efficient and safer.

Performing the change is not just a technology adoption issue. It’s a complex process of the road transport sector transforming towards a new green and safe paradigm. It requires actions for new generation road infrastructure and vehicles, but more importantly, capacity building to the people and the companies of the domain in rethinking their ways of operation towards more collaborative, resource efficient and environmentally friendly road transport services in the EU.

Research organisations such as my employer and IRU member CERTH/HIT are working closely with the EU, the National Authorities, Infrastructure Managers and the transport industry. 

With our tools, future estimation techniques and solutions, we can support mutual decision-making among stakeholders, guide the investments priorities to safe roads and parking areas and improve the readiness of the road sector in innovation adoption. 

As researchers, we have a role to play in the skilling and upskilling of the new generation of employees of the road transport sector by stimulating the green and safe approach and making the sector attractive to the next generation of the EU workers. 


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