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Andrei Smoliar

Chairman of the Board of Directors

From 3 trucks to 350, and it’s only the beginning

I’m Chairman of the Board of Intertransavto, and also a crisis manager and business coach in the world of transport.

After retiring as a firefighter and getting my degree in robotics, I started a transport company with just three second-hand trucks. 

Today, we have a fleet of 350 trucks, and employ over 1,000 people. We are currently expanding our scope to begin working inside the EU. 

In 2009, we received an “effective anti-crisis programme” award from IRU. In both 2011 and 2017, we were recognised as the “Best Eurasian Carrier”.

We are now also a member of the UN Global Compact. I’m really happy to share my knowledge and practical experience to help develop socially responsible private businesses. 

From the onset of the pandemic, I followed IRU’s recommendation to conduct a seminar on anti-crisis management. More than 500 people attended the 20-hour-long course. The course explored a variety of best practices on strategic and personnel management, as well as finance and sales.

In addition, together with IRU, we developed a programme specifically for business owners and senior managers. With accessible language and practical examples, the programme covers key business skills such as how to implement regular management, design and implement a successful business strategy, and improve key business functions.


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