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Agostina Montechecci

Integra Va
IRU Member

For me, my brother, father and grandfather, road transport is in our veins

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I entered the world of transport two years ago when I was 22 years old to partake in a project with my father Adrián and my brother Yago. 

Being a carrier is part of my family's history. My grandfather was the first to work in the industry.

I am also lucky to participate in my uncle's organisation, which, together with my father and many other professionals, teach me something new every day.

Both companies work to make road transport safer and more efficient. To achieve this, we are closely linked with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Southern Regional Cargo Transport, the Professional Foundation for Transport, and FADEEAC.

We are continuously undergoing training in road safety and efficient driving techniques to reduce the risk of accidents as well as our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It’s a privilege that I have of being able to work in a field made up of mostly men while looking to include more and more women in freight transport. 

Based on my experience, women can provide a different and enriching vision in decision-making and the implementation of measures that improve road safety and transport efficiency.

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