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IRU Manifesto

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has taken the lead in setting the global road transport agenda, by publishing a manifesto that calls on international organisations, governments and industry stakeholders to safeguard the role of road transport in driving economic prosperity.

Road transport is the lifeblood of global trade and a critical link to unlocking international opportunity and prosperity. The sector accounts for 5.7% of employment worldwide; in Europe alone, providing five million jobs and driving a total revenue of €500 billion. 

Despite this, the industry faces a myriad of challenges – geopolitical unrest; climate change concerns; a chronic shortage of commercial drivers; issues surrounding digitalisation; and a perceived poor working environment. According to a report published by IRU last year, geopolitical uncertainty is the biggest threat facing the industry for 57% of transport operators.  

It is against this backdrop that IRU has today launched its manifesto, for a world in motion. It calls on global economies to seize the opportunities within the industry by highlighting the areas where intervention is required across its three core pillars: prosperity, people and environment.