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For the past 15 years, the trucking industry in North America, Europe and Central Asia has seen an increasing shortage of truck drivers, directly impacting on the delivery of day to day items on our desks and shelves. A steadily decreasing pool of available truck drivers for hire limits the ability of shipping companies to keep up with the rising demands of web commerce. This means less volume and higher costs for consumers – and therefore a possible drop in demand. A labour shortage, as in the case of truck drivers, leads to unemployment and/or underemployment, which renders both our economies and our communities vulnerable.

Countries across the globe will face up to 100,000 empty drivers’ seats if the trend continues.

The shortage is the result of various market and non-market related factors, including demographic changes, ineffective recruitment, lack of compensation and incentives, career path advancement limitations, lack of diversity and poor employer branding.

Our goal: stronger economies, stronger communities

The current situation presents opportunity for change. The industry is poised to ask itself important questions, relating to diversity, fairness and efficiency. These are the questions that will ultimately establish a new, young and inclusive driver labour force.

Leading industry change

IRU is dedicated to the facilitation of trade and the development of sustainable, prosperous communities, which depend on efficiently functioning methods of mobility. It empowers its members to innovate and to develop best practices and business models which safeguard a prosperous and sustainable transport industry. It is the leading forum for transport associations around the globe, pooling knowledge across the industry, and is therefore ideally placed to confront and overcome the global driver shortage issue.

In tandem, IRU Academy is consistently investing in people, training thousands of drivers and transport operators every year. It is the world's leading global professional road transport training organisation, making the global transport industry safer, more efficient and more sustainable.





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