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CAD (connected and automated driving) - Exploring the possible employment implications of connected and automated driving (CAD)

CAD Study

Exploring the impact of connected and automated driving on employment

The European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation has launched a study exploring the possible employment implications of connected and automated driving (CAD). The study focuses on the potential impact of CAD on jobs in passenger and freight road transport and employment in the wider transport sector (transport and storage services, manufacturing, repair etc.). The study will assess the short-, medium- and long-term impact on employment of introducing CAD. It will also investigate policy options in key areas such as jobs, the labour market, skills, growth, transport and research and innovation. The recommendations from the study will inform the European Union on how to take action to promote CAD and avoid any negative impact on jobs and employment.

IRU's role

IRU is supporting the study by sharing the voices of its members in the commercial road transport industry and participating in the Stakeholder Expert Group. It is also providing information on freight and passenger transport employment in some EU Member States. IRU will conduct interviews and provide input regarding the most important policy options to support IRU members’ transition to CAD.

“To enable accelerated deployment of innovative, connected and automated transport solutions in Europe, IRU plays an important role as the link between the industry and commercial road transport operators. European transport companies will be exposed first-hand to rapidly evolving changes for which they should be prepared.”

Project results

This study will produce policy recommendations that will help the European Commission to tackle the possible implications of CAD on employment in a timely manner.

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This study was funded through the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 (other actions, 10)

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