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ARCADE project - Connected automated driving


Harmonising Connected, Cooperated & Automated Driving

The ARCADE project aims to promote and harmonise the deployment of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD) systems. These cooperative driving systems enable vehicles by adapting their motion to the traffic conditions around them.  This is achieved by utilising information communicated by other vehicles and infrastructure in the proximity. 

ARCADE supports the commitment of the European Commission, European Member States and the industry to establish a common approach to the development, testing, validation and deployment of CAD in Europe and beyond.

The project will run for three years, with the ultimate aim of establishing a joint stakeholder’s forum to coordinate and harmonise automated road transport approaches at the European and international level. Harmonisation efforts will focus, inter alia, on harmonising national automated driving action plans. 

IRU's role

IRU is leading the freight and logistics activities of ARCADE. As part of this work, IRU is organising a break-out session on future automated freight transport at the EUCAD 2019 Conference.  IRU is also closely cooperating with Leeds University’s Institute for Transport Studies to identify the challenges and potential future scenarios regarding the society-related aspects of CAD. In particular, the areas that will be explored are:

  • Safety validation and roadworthiness testing
  • Policy and regulatory needs, including European harmonisation 
  • Socio-economic assessment and sustainability
  • User-awareness, users' and societal acceptance and ethical considerations
  • Driver training

In addition, IRU is leading the work on establishing an easily accessible, structured and sustainable CAD knowledge base. The objective is the creation of a one-stop shop for CAD data and knowledge sharing in Europe. It is hoped that the CAD knowledge base will facilitate knowledge and data exchange and bolster future research and development.

“ARCADE is responsible for coordinating and gathering existing knowledge on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) at the EU and international levels. At the moment, there are many initiatives and technological advances taking place, however, there is no existing one-stop shop mechanism where information is stored and consolidated. The CAD knowledge base, which is being developed in ARCADE, will gather this know-how and facilitate access to information about CAD.”

Project results

The ARCADE project aims to strengthen cooperation between all CAD stakeholders from different sectors concerned, including industry, academia and the various political bodies. It also provides for the establishment of an online depository designed to collate information regarding the relevant CAD stakeholders, policies and EU regulations, which will function as a one-stop shop mechanism for interested parties. Moreover, this online tool will allow users to access other existing data platforms and will serve as a link between the user and these databases.

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24 direct partners from 11 EU Member States 

Project coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824251