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IRU Award for Top Road Transport Managers

IRU Award for Top Road Transport Managers

Meet the world’s Top Transport Managers

IRU created this prestigious ‘Top Road Transport Manager’ Award to honour top managers of road transport companies, including bus, coach, taxi and truck, for their excellence and professionalism in providing innovative solutions to enhance environmental protection, road safety and productivity.

Managers must hold the appropriate CPC Manager Diploma and should actively promote vocational training for themselves and their staff, such as the training programmes of the IRU Academy’s Accredited Training Institutes, to ensure that the road transport industry and its employees are in tune with the latest legislative and operational developments impacting the sector.

The Top Road Transport Manager award confirms the wide professional experience and outstanding achievements of all nominees. It celebrates the success stories of exemplary managers who deserve international recognition for their high level of know-how and work to raise the profile and strengthen the efficiency of the road transport industry.

If you want to learn more about this award, please contact your national association.

This year’s 98 winners are spread across 15 countries and include 20 managers from Mexico; 14 from Macedonia; 12 from Turkey; 11 from Lithuania; 7 from Kazakhstan; 6 each from Moldova and Ukraine; 4 each from Belarus and Estonia; 3 each from the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania; 2 each from Germany and Russia; and 1 from Kyrgyzstan. 

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