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2 Nov 2018

8th IRU International Taxi Forum

Cologne | IRU event

The forum took place within the framework of the European Taxi Fair.

More than 300 leading taxi and app businesses, trade associations, European and local decision-makers, researchers and media attended the event.


Welcome speeches

  • Matthias Maedge - IRU Brussels General Delegate
  • Peter Zander - President, Europäische TaxiMesse
  • Thomas Grätz - Managing Director, BZP
  • Hermann Waldner - CEO,

First plenary session: Reinventing the taxi business model

Over the last few years, on-demand transport has undergone a dramatic change both in terms of customer service and business models. The discussions in this session will focus on the opportunities and challenges faced by the market as a result of these new, often disruptive, services as well as examine their impact on the near future.

Keynote presentation on the main findings of IRU studies on taxis - Richard Darbéra, Taxi economy expert


Second plenary session: Smart taxis for smart cities

Vehicle technologies and innovations such as alternative propulsion systems, new safety features and automation will have a great impact on the market for on-demand services. The objective of this session is to look at realistic scenarios and best practices for the integration of these new technologies in the current mobility landscape and at how cities prepare to adapt their mobility systems to these future challenges.

Keynote presentation: Dmitriy Pronin - Deputy Head of the Department of Transport, Road and Infrastructure, City of Moscow

Keynote presentation: Tsu-Jui Cheng, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


Moderated by Wim Faber, Mobility Expert, Senior Editor for TaxiIntelligence and MobilityIntell


Third plenary session: Taxis in the future mobility chain

Fast-evolving technology and better connectivity are changing mobility and the customer behaviour. The aim of this debate is to explore how taxi services can best respond to these changes and how they can fit into new mobility schemes such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service). 

Keynote presentation: Marko Javornik - Comtrade


Fourth plenary session: Future legislation 

The advent of smartphone technology and the wide use of app-based services changed the way people communicate, do business and access transport services. Discussions will focus on the need for regulations that take into account these market changes. Legal solutions should allow new entrants to compete fairly in the marketplace while ensuring that safety, security and privacy of passengers are respected. 

Keynote presentation on IRU position on this topic - Raluca Marian, Senior Adviser - Passenger Transport at IRU


Concluding remarks

  • Christian Holzhauser - President, IRU Taxi Group

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