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Usman Shah Afridi

Senior Manager TIR / Cross Border
IRU Member

Safe road transport in Pakistan and beyond

Road transport is a vital part of the global economy, moving goods between countries and regions. 

The security of these goods is paramount. But it is also important to ensure that they are transported safely. One way to improve the safety of road transport is to require drivers to take a driving test every year. Drivers would be required to demonstrate a basic knowledge of traffic regulations and would be tested on their ability to drive safely. This would help to ensure that only qualified and capable drivers are on the road, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Furthermore, as drivers would be tested on a regular basis, it would help to keep them up to date with the latest safety regulations.

However, there are other measures which could potentially improve the safety of goods in transit. For example, vehicle maintenance is often overlooked. Yet it is essential to ensure that vehicles are maintained to a high standard and are regularly serviced. By ensuring that vehicles are in good condition, it would reduce the risk of accidents due to mechanical failure. 

Furthermore, greater emphasis should be placed on the use of modern safety technologies, such as lane departure warning systems and autonomous emergency braking systems. They can alert drivers of potential hazards and help to prevent collisions.


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