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María Guarnieri

Transport Operator
Transporte Guarnieri S.A.
IRU Member

Carrying on the family legacy with my brother and father

I’m a second-generation transport operator. 

Together with my brother and father, I have been managing the family business. 

This year marks our 47th anniversary in the service of road goods transport. 

We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A high percentage of our operations are food substances. We supply to three provinces: Buenos Aires, Santa Fé and Córdoba.

As is often the case in small and medium-sized companies, I have several responsibilities: accounting, customer and supplier service, and travel coordinator. I have direct contact with all our drivers. We have a cordial and family bond. 

Our main objective is to provide an efficient service and deliver goods at the agreed time and lowest possible cost. We specifically plan the distribution routes and carry out preventive maintenance to lower fuel costs, increase safety, and limit delays and vehicle breakdowns. 

FADEEAC also helps us achieve our objectives with its Professional Foundation for Transportation, which provides resources to the road transport industry through research, development, and continuous and comprehensive training.

We are committed to greening the industry, acquiring gas vehicles is one of the sustainable solutions available. It would also optimise the profitability of transport.


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