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Dilixiati Maimaiti

Logistics Engineer
Alblas Transport (Xinjiang) Co.,Ltd
IRU Member

We cut transport time between China and Europe in half

I have worked in the international road transport sector for 13 years, occupying a wide 
range of roles and capacities, such as fleet manager, market executive and government relations executive. 

I am committed to promoting TIR and the development of road transport between China and Europe. 

I lead a team which successfully implemented TIR in China, constantly promoting road transport between China and Europe. 

Since my entry into the sector in 2010, I have been engaged in researching how China and Europe are linked via the Silk Road. 

In November 2018, I led the fleet at my company and established a TIR road transport route between China and Europe. A regular road transport pattern has now been established between China and Europe, which is growing exponentially each year. 

We established a new route from nothing in a matter of four years, and now 10,000 trucks are on the road every year. The transport time between China and Europe has now been shorted from 16 days to 7 days.

In order to popularise and publicise TIR and China-Europe international road transport, and to explore more efficient road transport methods, I have also published several research papers.


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