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Christophe Knobloch


How to best pass on knowledge to future generations

I am currently a teacher and trainer in the field of transport. I’m responsible for a branch of AETL, an association that brings together teachers, professionals and students. 

I try my best to modestly share my knowledge with transport professionals and students. Here’s a snippet of what we do to impart information on transport and help people find opportunities in this industry:

Over 50% of our very transport-oriented reference system is devoted to road transport, as we deliver transport manager certificates. 

As such, we try to raise our students' awareness by instilling in them a transport culture, but also to make them understand the challenges of tomorrow and the developments to come. 

We rely on numerous reports published by IRU on issues such as the EU’s Mobility Package 1.

AETL also trains transport operators by sharing with them the most up-to-date information.

Additionally, we often host roundtable meetings to facilitate the exchange of information. We organise events to help people discover opportunities in both the passenger and goods sector.

AETL encourages all types of dialogue, including more informal ones, that result in the exchange of valuable information.

This is how, if I had to sum up my humble contribution, I spread knowledge on the road transport sector.


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