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Antonio Torello

Chief Technical Officer

People and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do

I was born in Montoro, a small municipality in southern Italy. 

Together with my siblings Umberto and Concetta, we are the second generation leading the Torello Group, one of the biggest transport and logistics companies in Italy.

I’ve been committed to improving Torello’s sustainability since the first day I started working in 1992.

We know how impactful the activity of a transport company like ours is. We put the people who work with us at the heart of everything. 

Torello also puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability. We have eco-driving training programmes to help drivers to drive more efficiently. As for our fleet, it’s composed almost entirely (96%) of Euro 6 heavy goods vehicles. 

Our focus on people and training also facilitates access to the truck driver profession. It also helps to retain drivers, and thus overcome driver shortage issues.

Furthermore, the interaction between people and technology, in particular, that of the paradigm industry 4.0, has allowed Torello to file a patent called GLAP – Green Logistic Automation Platform – to improve the efficiency of our logistics processes.


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