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Connecting communities

From Afghanistan to Uruguay and Netherlands to New Zealand, IRU members are present in over 76 countries, across all five continents. Below is a comprehensive list of all the member organisations that make up IRU.

    A worldwide community

    Becoming an IRU member instantly connects you to the entire world of road transport – all the people, all the ideas and all the opportunities. We work with businesses, industry experts, CEOs, politicians, researchers and everyone else involved in road transport – at regional, national or global level.

    Joining IRU puts you firmly in the phonebook of our worldwide community.

    New connections, new opportunities

    Once you’re part of this network, you can find new clients to expand your business, new partners to work with and new ideas to explore.

    And it’s not just a list of names on a page. We have regular events that get members in the same room and exchanging ideas. All over the world, we meet to present new innovations, discuss pressing issues and share our experience and knowhow amongst ourselves.

    We also offer a welcome programme for new member, allowing you to visit our headquarters in Geneva and personally meet some of our key people.

    Our global network and regular events are the perfect way to get your business cards into the right hands.

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