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International Commission on Technical Affairs

International Commission on Technical Affairs

Permanent and long-term working programme

  • Inform IRU bodies and Members on developments and operating conditions for road transport.

  • Draw up and define – as drafts for decision making bodies – IRU’s policies on technical issues relating to road transport.

  • Draw up and analyse in cooperation with suppliers and related stakeholders the technical development in order to optimise operations, productivity, mobility, safety, security, environment protection and the use of energy in road transport.

  • Draw up and analyse proposals concerning technical affairs on commercial vehicles and their use in road transport, from UNECE GRs (WP. 29 framework), the International Transport Forum, EU institutions and standardisation organisations.

  • Analyse the consequences of new environmental protection norms and measures on vehicles and transport operators and strive for harmonisation.

  • Analyse and influence with IRU Members the warranty, customer claims, services quality and dealer networks for key and practical technologies.

  • Monitor and strive for harmonised roadworthiness tests and inspections for commercial vehicles.

  • Monitor and influence the introduction of best practical technologies in order to exploit the potential for further increasing transport capacity and vehicle performance – environment and safety.

  • Analyse, monitor and influence international activities within intergovernmental bodies regarding active and passive safety of commercial vehicles.

  • Provide input and promote the activities of the IRU Academy.

  • Analyse, influence and make, when appropriate, recommendations to members and decision-makers about relevant international standardisation.

  • Analyse, influence and make recommendations to the digitalisation work of the EU Digital Transport and Logistics Forum.