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Commission on Economic Affairs

Commission on Economic Affairs

Permanent and long-term working programme

  • Initiate, provide guidance and ensure follow-up of studies on the economic developments in the road transport sector and supply related information to IRU bodies and to IRU Member Associations.

  • Develop and define – as drafts for the competent bodies – IRU policies on economic issues relating to road transport. Focus specifically on argumentation to promote:

    • the role of road transport in ensuring the mobility of people and goods;

    • public awareness of the vital role of road transport in ensuring economic development; and

    • to shippers, intermediaries and distributors, the advantages of road transport in a globally competitive market.

  • Cooperate with credible partners such as the World Bank, the International Transport Forum and UN Regional Commissions.

  • Collect and disseminate, in close cooperation with IRU Member Associations, facts and figures on the goods and passenger transport markets.