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What is TIR

What is TIR

Facilitating trade

TIR streamlines procedures at borders, reducing the administrative burden for customs authorities and for transport and logistics companies. It cuts border waiting times significantly, saving time and money.

TIR authorised operators can move goods quickly across multiple customs territories, under customs control, using a single guarantee. Harmonised systems and data exchange tools mean that operators only need to submit their declaration data once for the entire transit movement.

Each TIR transport from start to end of the journey is monitored on-line, so goods can be traced and secured while in transit.

Authorised operators

Over 34,000 transport and logistics companies worldwide use TIR to quickly and reliably move goods across international borders.

TIR is only open to authorised operators, who are admitted to the system by the customs administration in collaboration with the national TIR association.

Criteria for joining TIR is based on their professionalism and compliance, not based on company or fleet size. TIR is open to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as well as large operators. TIR can be streamlined through TIR Authorised Consignors and Consignees and can also be integrated with national and regional Authorised Economic Operator schemes.

Highly secure

Goods moving under TIR arrive at borders in containers or load compartments that have been sealed by the customs office of departure.

Containers and load compartments that are used for TIR transports are pre-approved by customs, ensuring that nothing can be added or removed without detection. This reduces the need for routine physical inspections at borders along the way.

Modern TIR IT tools ensure that all public and private sector actors involved in a TIR operation have access to the data they need. These tools allow cargo details to be sent electronically and simultaneously to multiple border crossings before the truck arrives at departure and entry points. This enables customs officials to carry out better risk assessments and prioritise inspections.

They also make it easy to comply with electronic advance cargo information, which is compulsory for shipping goods into multiple jurisdictions.

International guarantee

TIR is globally applicable, and uses a single international guarantee, thus eliminating the need for costly guarantees in each country of transit.

The TIR guarantee covers the customs duties and taxes at risk, up to a maximum protection of EUR 100,000 per transport operation, so customs authorities can be confident any duties they are owed will be paid. In fact, the international guarantee chain can handle exposure on any given day of up to EUR 600 million.

Easy implementation

TIR is easy to implement. All legal, procedural, capacity building and IT frameworks already exist, and can easily be applied in new countries, without the need for costly investments.

TIR integrates seamlessly with existing customs software systems, which also makes it straightforward for new member countries to adopt.

Implementation of TIR generally takes between 6 to 12 months depending on existing capacity and the complexity of the environment.

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