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Tools & Apps homepage

Tools & Apps

IRU members in the road transport sector benefit from a range of dedicated services, tools and apps designed to make your operations run smoother.


TRANSPark helps commercial drivers and road transport fleet managers easily find and add secure and comfortable parking areas in over 40+ countries worldwide.


Information Centre

From the tools and apps we develop in house to research papers, news coverage, technical documents and press releases, IRU Members can freely access our convenient Information Centre as a one-stop-shop for topics relating to the road transport sector.


Fuel Prices

Fuel price shows the average price per litre at the pump in many countries


Flash Info

IRU flash infos provide first-hand, latest information on road traffic, strikes, blockades and roadworks affecting commercial road transport


Legal Access Network

Road transport being the most regulated of all transport modes, legal services offered by the IRU are meant to facilitate the daily operations of road transport companies through the provision of legal assistance, information, advice, standard contracts and other transport documents