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Исследование, касающееся веса пассажирских и туристических автобусов.
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Research on the Weight of Buses and Touring Coaches - Final Report

When used at full capacity, buses and touring coaches can be driven whilst exceeding the maximum weight limit. This study brings about factual data and evidence about causes for coach overweight. A combination of factors leading to potential overweight have been identified, such as the increased empty weight of vehicles, but also the increase in the average weight of passengers and luggage they carry, due to changes in the demographic and travel patterns, as well as safety and environmental standards. In particular, the average passenger weight was found to be 7 kg higher than the one laid down in the concerned European Directive. The lack of harmonisation between Member States regarding vehicle type approval makes the problem worse; the application of environmental and safety related standards and the installation of comfort features make buses and coaches heavier.

Published on: 09/11/2007 - 21:59
Author: IRU
Type of document: Reports & publications
Category: Goods transport, Passenger transport, Road safety, Decarbonisation
Region: Global
Size: 50 pages