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7th International Taxi Forum  Taxi Anytime, Anywhere 4.0"
4 - 5 Nov 2016

IRU International Taxi Forum & Business Reception

Cologne | IRU event

4 November:  3rd IRU International Taxi Business Reception  

5 November: 7th IRU International Taxi Forum -  "Taxi - Anytime, Anywhere 4.0" .

Working languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German.
Presentations are available in the Agenda section below.


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4 November 2016, 18:30

3rd IRU International Taxi Business Reception

5 November 2016, 09:30 – 13:30

  • Moderator: John Kidd, Head - Communications & Events, IRU


  • Peter ZANDER, President, Europäische Taximesse
  • Thomas GRÄTZ, Vice President, IRU Group “Taxis and Hire Cars with Driver

Plenary session on “Which are the main global market access trends?”

Coffee Break

Break-out session on “Green taxis: sustainability equals profitability”

Break-out session on “Taxis, as key element of MaaS”

Coffee Break 

Plenary session on “What taxis do we want to see in 2030 and 2050?

Conclusions and next steps

Note: Forum to be followed by networking lunch.

Cologne, Germany