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Have your say in the road transport sector

Road transport today is more than trucks. Our sector is at the nexus of the issues of the day, touching upon society and the world at large.

Without road infrastructure and safe transport of passengers and cargo, goods cannot get to manufacturers, aid would not reach the needy and products would not be delivered to shop shelves worldwide. Without viable, sustainable buses, coaches and taxis, people everywhere are hampered in their ability to get to work and enjoy the freedom of travel.

All businesses have an interest in IRU

This is why all businesses, across a variety of sectors, take interest in IRU. We are at the heart of conversations and policy making around sustainability, mobility, cleaner, greener cities, safety, border security, and crucially, facilitating commerce by opening up new trade corridors that enhance business relations for nations around the world.

IRU membership makes business sense

From vehicle manufacturers to suppliers to the goods transport sector, all businesses involved in the road transport industry will benefit from becoming an IRU partner.

IRU partnership with businesses

Businesses that become an IRU partner are instantly connected to the most important conversations, people, policies and insights in global road transport.  IRU partnership connects you to new customer opportunities, from international transport operators to links with transport ministries. Enjoy direct links to the academic world, too, and leverage initiatives and projects on transport and mobility-related initiatives, globally.

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