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MaaS – Mobility as a service - A one-stop-shop intelligent app in the cloud for mobility services and public transportation

MaaS – Mobility as a service

A one-stop-shop app for mobility services

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), is playing a significant role in the provision of mobility services in Europe. MaaS works out the best option for every journey – be it with a taxi, public transport, a rental car or a bike share. From office commutes to weekend getaways, it manages daily travel in the smartest possible way. MaaS could make transport more efficient and cost-effective for passengers, while creating new opportunities for transport operators. 

What is MaaS?

The key concept behind Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is to put the user at the core of transport services, offering them tailor made mobility solutions based on their individual needs. MaaS is the integration of various forms of transport modes into a single mobility service accessible on demand. It combines all possible transport modes, enabling users to access services through a single application and single purchase.

22 Oct 2019

IRU in the MaaS Alliance

IRU is a founding member of the MaaS Alliance, an organisation established as a public-private partnership to lay the foundations for a common approach to MaaS. The main goal of the Alliance is to facilitate full deployment of MaaS services at EU level. As a member of the MaaS Alliance, IRU is directly cooperating with a wide range of MaaS key players in Europe and across the globe.

As an active member, IRU represents taxi, coach and bus operators in the MaaS Alliance, which entails contributing to policy papers and focusing on topics such as multimodal passenger rights. IRU engages its members in the topic of MaaS and the MaaS Alliance, by facilitating the entry of mobility service providers in the overall MaaS ecosystem. 

IRU is also closely following MaaS by participating in the MyCorridor project. The EU-funded three-year project started in June 2017. Throughout the project, IRU is assessing the challenges and opportunities of a cross-border MaaS solution in cooperation with its project partners and the MaaS Alliance.