IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto


A global team driving progress

Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, and his team are responsible for the day-to-day running of IRU.

"Mobility matters: for our industry, but also for people, their jobs and their communities all over the world".

Umberto de Pretto


Secretary General
Umberto de Pretto

Managing Director
Boris Blanche

Director – Business Development
Tim Davies

General Delegate Permanent Delegation to the European Union
Matthias Maedge

General Delegate Permanent Delegation to the Middle East and Region
Adrian-Iosif Albu

General Delegate Permanent Delegation to Eurasia
Dmitry Cheltsov

Director of Global Advocacy
Jorge Cachinero

Senior Adviser – CTM / Sustainable Development
Jens Hügel

Senior Adviser – Social Affairs
Oleg Kamberski

Director – TIR & Transit Services
Arduin Geenen

Senior Expert & Adviser - TIR
Youlian Guenkov

Associate Director – IRU Academy
Patrick Philipp

Director - Corporate Services
Vincent Erard

Associate Director - IT
Thierry Kunz

Associate Director - Human Resources
Katie Klein

Senior Manager – Global Innovation
Zeljko Jeftic

Senior Manager – Expansion
William Petty

Senior Adviser – The Americas
Martin Rojas

Chief Representative, East and South East Asia
Yan Zhou

Senior Adviser – Middle East
Rani Wehbe