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Working Parties

Knowledge at work

IRU has Working Parties in three specific areas: intermodal transport, dangerous goods, and taxis and hire cars with drivers

Made up of experts from IRU’s member associations, these groups work on specific areas to support IRU member associations, and their members and partners, from the directors of large transport companies to drivers out on the roads.

Working Parties bring together experts in a specific area who know their industry inside out

Almost all long journeys – for people and for goods – involve more than one mode of transport. If road is not the principal transport mode, it is often the “first mile” from the source, or the “last mile” to the destination, or the connector between different modes.


IRU’s Group of Experts on Intermodal Transport and Logistics promotes best practice and innovations to decision-makers worldwide.

The Group conducts research and helps shape policy, working with UN bodies such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, international agencies and governments. They also keep IRU member associations informed with regular updates on new developments in the industry.

The Group of Experts on Intermodal Transport and Logistics is also known by its French acronym, GETIL.


President: Antoanéta Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Vice President: Daniel Torres (Germany)

Dangerous goods, such as flammable or explosive chemicals, can harm people and the environment.

Their transport is strictly regulated in many countries under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by road, known as the ADR Agreement.

IRU’s Group of Experts on Dangerous Goods monitors, develops and influences the ADR Agreement, also informing IRU member associations on changes to existing rules and regulations.

By monitoring and assessing how dangerous goods are moved around the world, the Group also plays a key role in proposing and implementing new safer strategies.

The Group of Experts on Dangerous Goods is also known by its French acronym, GEMD.


President: Paul Wauters (Belgium)
Vice President: Peter Hari (Switzerland)


The IRU Taxis and Hire Cars with Driver Group brings together the global taxi industry’s expertise, experience and advocacy strength to address market, technology and legal challenges.


Vehicles with drivers have been hired out for millennia, and the first taxi services in cities and towns date back over 400 years.

Taxis, cabs and hire cars with drivers, including limousine and chauffeur services, are today available anytime and anywhere, from the biggest cities to the remotest rural areas. They are a crucial part of the public transport chain, offering the most customised service to clients.

The sector is currently being deeply transformed by innovative technologies, services and business models.

The Group offers opportunities for the sector to grow, whilst improving mobility and service quality, in the interests of customers and society as a whole.

With a focus on innovation and new technology, the Group oversees activities ranging from informing and influencing policies, offering services, and training managers and drivers.


Key initiatives that the Group has helped steer in IRU include:

  • The TaxiStars app for training drivers on the job

  • UpTop, the global taxi network of high quality, safe and secure licensed-driver taxi services available through one click of an app  

The Taxis and Hire Cars with Driver Group is also known by the abbreviated name, TA Group.


President: Hubert Andela (Netherlands)
Vice-Presidents: Thomas Grätz (Germany), Anne Kangasniemi (Finland)