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Our values

Our purpose is to help the world get where it needs to be. Our promise is to lead solutions the world needs to move better.

Peace and prosperity

At IRU, everything we do stems from a commitment to upholding four core values. We believe these important principles contribute to improving the world and to creating harmony and prosperity for people everywhere.

We facilitate trade

One of IRU’s core activities is to facilitate trade and help countries and people prosper by opening up and maintaining international trade routes, notably through TIR. We connect developing countries to global trade networks by helping them improve their national trade flows, for example by shortening border and waiting times, reducing lengthy paperwork processes, fighting to combat corruption and improving safety for drivers and the transportation of goods.

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We promote mobility

Upholding the right of people to get around – to safely travel to work and conveniently connect to efficient and sustainable transport networks  - is a fundamental human right that is decreed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as ‘freedom of movement’. This is why IRU works to connect people with adequate transport in rural communities, to improve congestion in urban areas, and supports bus, coach and taxi operators in their industry. 

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We make transport more sustainable

Whether it is clean, green technology, innovations in commercial vehicles, or reducing the environmental impact of road transport by cutting emissions, a commitment to sustainable and efficient transport by road is a key tenet of IRU.

We value safety for people and goods

Saving lives and reducing road accidents is a top priority for IRU. We also champion health and safety for the driving community, from taxi operators to truck drivers. Safe loading of cargo and transporting dangerous goods are typical of the essential subjects covered by the IRU Academy in our global network of IRU Academy Training Institutes.

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