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18 - 19 Oct 2016

African Ports Evolution 2016

Durban |

90% of all trade in Africa is done via its ports, this has resulted in major developments and investments in ports cities like Durban, Accra and Mombassa, just to name a few. This year African Ports Evolution 2016 will be focusing on major port development to accommodate Ultra Large Vessels (ULCV), the main reason for most of the port upgrades in Africa. There will also be a focus on container delivery and clearance time to make your port more efficient and to streamline your port through technology inputs.


Day 1 - Tuesday 18 October 2016See you soon

9:00 Opening Address Speaker: How is Africa's transport sector a key contributor to the continent's competitiveness?
09:45 Keynote Speaker: How can African countries work together to unlock markets and achieve global industrial competitiveness through investment in transport infrastructure?
10:30 Morning refreshments
11:00 Networking and Matchmaking session
11:30 Lunch and expo viewing
13:30 African corridor development summit - Hall 1
13:30 African ports IT summit - Hall 2
17:00 Closing remarks
17:15 Mayoral Cocktail Function
17:45 Woman in Transport Awards


Day 2 - Wednesday 19 October 2016See you soon

9:30 Opening address: Facilitating trade by building business hubs close to ports
10:00 Panel discussion: Boosting economic development through free economic zones
10:30 Networking and matchmaking sessions
11:45 Lunch and expo viewing
13:00 African ports revenue creation and trends summit - Hall 1
13:00 African ports development summit - Hall 2